Information for Parents

The following information is provided to help you become acquainted with how we run our centres at Brilliant Beginnings. If you have any further questions or queries, please contact us.


When it comes to getting settled in a new childcare facility, no two children (and their families) are the same. Accordingly, our experienced educators will work with you and your child to ensure the transition is as smooth and comfortable as possible. We believe that it is crucial to get to know as much about your child as we can, even before their first day. To make this process easier, we have included an information form in your enrolment package. We encourage you to take the time to fill it out with as much detail as possible and then submitting it to your Service Manager.

What to Bring Each Day

To ensure that we are able to take the very best care of your child, it is important for parents to provide us with the following items each day:

0-2 years:

Nappies, water bottle, two changes of clothes, formula and bottles (for milk), wide-brimmed hat, and any sleep comforters (e.g. teddy, dummy or “blankey”).

2-3 years:

Nappies, water bottle, two changes of clothes (more if your child is toilet training), wide-brimmed hat, and any sleep comforters (e.g. teddy, dummy or “blankey”).

3+ years:

Two changes of clothes, water bottle, and a wide-brimmed hat. *Please clearly print your child's name on each item and collect them at the end of the day.

In an effort to keep all personal items safe, we request that you do not send your child into the centre with any toys from home. We do however, have specific days where children are able to bring a toy as part of show-and-tell at 'mat time', after which educators will put these toys away for safe keeping.

Signing In and Out of the Centre

Each day that your child attends Brilliant Beginnings, we ask that you please take the time to sign them in and out of the centre. Daily sign-ins are not only a necessary safety precaution, but also help us ensure that we have the appropriate centre staff:child ratio. Daily sign-in reports are also required for weekly submission to Centrelink.

Should your child be absent for any reason, we kindly request that you notify the centre prior to 10:00am, and record the missed day as ‘absent’ when you next sign-in at the centre. If your child is absent due to illness, we may ask the nature of the illness so we can minimise any potential impact this may have on other children and families. Note: Absences are charged as per usual and government rebates will apply, providing all entitlement criteria are in order.

Separation Anxiety

A child may display signs of distress when being separated from their parents or caregivers. Although separation anxiety is a perfectly normal part of growth and development, it can be an emotional experience for both parent and child. Our experienced staff will help ensure that this process is as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both you and your child. Parents are encouraged to call the centre as often as they feel is necessary and check up on their child's transition. We are also able to provide parents with text and picture message updates of how their child is settling in and the activities they have been involved in.

Room Transitions

Depending on age and development, your child will be transitioned from room to room when appropriate. Prior to any movement, each child's family will be consulted and feedback taken into consideration. Should you have any questions or queries regarding these room transitions, our Room Leaders will be able to walk you through this process.

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